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What is SCT?
SCT Performance manufactures handheld automotive performance & fuel economy programmers and Custom Tuning Software for Ford, General Motors and Dodge / Chrysler vehicles.

What Do SCT's Performance Products Do?
SCT's handheld automotive performance products increase your vehicle's horsepower, torque and throttle response by optimizing your vehicles PCM (engine management computer).

What Do SCT's Fuel Economy Products Do?
Instead of optimizing your vehicle's PCM (engine management computer) for performance, SCT's Fuel Economy products optimize your vehicle's PCM for maximum fuel economy.

Are there any other advantages to SCT's Performance Products?
Yes. Today's high tech vehicles are almost entirely controlled by your vehicle's computer. This means even simple modifications such as the addition of a cold air kit or exhaust system can change the vehicle's factory drivability and even hurt the performance of your vehicle. SCT's Performance products are designed to solve this issue and allow you to optimize your vehicle's PCM for these common performance add-ons.

Do SCT's Products compensate for high horsepower performance add-on's such as a supercharger, turbo kit or nitrous oxide?
High horsepower add-on's such as superchargers and nitrous oxide often require "custom tuning" in order to optimize your vehicle's PCM for such a large increase in horsepower and torque. SCT offers custom tunable products specifically designed for these types of applications and has a network of custom tuning dealers worldwide that can custom tune your vehicle for these types of performance modifications.

What is the difference between a Custom Tune and SCT's Pre-Loaded Tunes?
SCT Pre-Loaded Tunes are designed for stock or lightly modified vehicles (cold air kits, exhaust systems, gear ratio changes etc.)
Custom Tunes are created by one of SCT's custom tuning dealers worldwide and are specifically designed for your vehicle and its modifications. SCT's Custom Tuning dealers have complete control over your vehicles PCM using SCT's Advantage III Custom Tuning software and will optimize your vehicles performance for simple add-ons such as cold air kits or for high horsepower modifications such as superchargers, turbo kits or nitrous oxide.

Will SCT's Products Void my new vehicle warranty?

The simple answer is no, unless the manufacturer of the vehicle can prove SCT's product has damaged the vehicle. In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits the manufacturer from doing so. For more information on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, below are a few articles relating to this topic:

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Keeping your Mod's Warranty Intact Article by David Vespremi

Can I program more than 1 vehicle with an SCT automotive handheld programmer?
No. Each SCT device locks to the vehicle the tune is installed on, however, if you return the vehicle to the stock / original factory tune using the SCT device, your SCT device can then be used on a different vehicle.

Can I update my SCT device?
Yes, in fact, we encourage it. Most of SCT's automotive handheld programmers can be updated easily. For more information on updating your device, visit the Technical Support section of our website.

Are SCT's products used by other companies?
Yes. SCT provides OE devices and tuning solutions to many well known automotive performance manufacturers such as Edelbrock, Vortech / Paxton / Kenne Bell / Magnuson / ProCharger Superchargers.