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Sun Automobile USA

Sun Automobile USA is the US branch of Sun Automobile Japan. Our main focus is to distribute parts and accessories to the aftermarket and OEM market.  Based in Southern California (Santa Ana), Sun Automobile USA serves as both a sales office and warehouse for the North American market.

Content of Business

  • Manufacturing and wholesale business of automobile parts & accessories.
  • Importing & distributing snow plow & various winches and their parts.
  • Export & Import (domestic sales) of parts, accessories of machines, aircraft, vessels.

"Through creativity and revolution in the past, present, and future, the Sun Automobile Group strives to contribute to society by continually offering high quality performance products and services to the people of the world"

Utilizing our experience to gear for the coming age, our goal is to inspire people with joy and happiness of life and to provide the finest workmanship and our own products through utilizing the START principle.

Our company philosophy is based on harnessing our never ending pursuit of knowledge and technical ability to bring the highest quality products available to the market. Reliability is our foremost objective and we also strive to be trusted and loved by our customers from all over the world. The Sun Automobile Group promotes harmony between our customers, our employees, and our companies to all work together in order to successfully develop and distribute our products to the world market, while maintaining a responsible position to promote a better and cleaner earth.

Ideal environment - Process of development from planning to sales is organized by our own company.

All of our planning, developing and sales functions are maintained in house. We can transmit information accurately, efficiently and quickly. Therefore, understanding current market needs, quick development and flexible production systems are realized. All of our future business expansion is based on our markets changing conditions. We Supply our products to more than 10,000 customers, which include Self-Defense Forces and other government agencies, automobile/motorcycle manufactures and dealers, tuning shops, etc. Developing new products based on an understanding of current needs and trends and on highly detailed business operation has led to the growth of our company.

The SUN group is recognized as a leading company in this industry, but the SUN group is constantly working to be the best in our industry.



Lighting & Electronics

Sun Auto is aggressively developing new technology in lighting & electronics for the aftermarket world for both on & off road applications


Tuning & Performance

Through racing development with our Cyber EVO the parts we design and test with it help us to bring an inspiring wave of originality and reliability to the market, along with the data to prove it.


RV & Off-Road

Sun Auto also carries beyond Road Performance & Electronics Development. We also develop a wide range of RV & Off-Road product. Exceeding ideas from the normal category, we pioneer new market and ideas. 


Marine & Heavy-Duty

With our knowledge in development within the performance & off-road markets has allowed us to bring our expertise to the Marine & heavy-duty market as well. Developing products that carry our quality & knowledge to parts most would not expect and come to enjoy and expect from us. 


Customizing & OEM

With our long history & close partnership with Japanese car manufacturers, we have been able to develop body styling products and accessories for the OEM market. Gaining a respected reputation with the OEM market giving us the peace of mind our customers have and come to expect. 


3D Cad Design

With using a skilled team of 3D Cad designers we are able to achieve a higher level and speed in product design by setting a goal in higher quality and using the latest technology.


3D Non-Contact Optical Area Digitizing [ATOS]

This flexible optical measuring machine is based on the principle of triangulation. Projected fringe patterns are observed with two cameras. 3D coordinates for each camera pixel are calculated with high precision, a polygon mesh of the object's surface is generated.  With this our team can fabricate one-off parts that work very well and allow us to scan them and digitize them for design and production.


Performance and Product Testing

In order to prove and satisfy customers with our performance products, we use our Dynapack in house dyno to show the before and after results of the products.

Weather is very unforgiving on performance products. So we test our products in our Temperature & Humidity Chamber to verify the products ability to with stand water and dirt including hot and cold temperatures. Allowing us to provide a high level of product and always improving on the product we have.

To promote the environmental preservation activity systematically and continuously, Sun Automobile Co., Ltd. ( headquarters) and Sun Craft Co., Ltd. acquired the ISO14001 attestation which was an international standard of environmental management. 

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