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What is a mid-pipe?

The mid-pipe is the section of your exhaust system that runs between the exhaust manifold or header and your muffler, or between your catalytic converter and your muffler.  Mid-pipes often improve exhaust flow to increase horsepower and fuel economy.


What is a crossover pipe exhaust?

Crossover pipes, such as the H-Pipe, X-Pipe and Y-Pipe, help balance the exhaust pulses from either side of the engine on a V-shape block. This results in a smoother exhaust flow, which can improve horsepower and fuel efficiency.


How are Y-pipes different than X-pipes and H-pipes?

While the Y-Pipe is similar in design to the X-pipe, the Y-pipe joins exhaust gasses together into one pipe as it flows through to the muffler. Conversely, X-pipes and H-pipes most often flow through a dual exhaust all the way to the muffler.


What is an off-road mid-pipe?

While it sounds self-explanatory, an off-road mid-pipe may have different meanings for those of us to like to spend our time in the dirt and mud, far away from concrete and asphalt. Technically and legally, off-road means the mid-pipe is not legal for street use, and will not pass emissions tests in most states.


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