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Magnuson Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of Magna Charger Supercharger Systems. Magna Charger systems are developed virtually from the heads up. They feature my patented equal-length intake runners, isolated aluminum manifold plenum and supercharger drive assemblies. The proven reliability of this combination, combined with our performance driven Magnuson engineering experience has created a supercharger with incredible responsiveness and unsurpassed drivability.


The roots type blower rotors are twisted 60º to form a helix. The two counter rotating rotors have 3 lobes, which inter mesh during operation. Our new sixth generation superchargers feature a 4-lobe 160º twisted helix configuration. This arrangement improves the adiabatic efficiency over traditional roots superchargers and gives instant throttle response.


promotes and distributes hybrid roots type superchargers to the automotive aftermarket industry in North America.


Magnuson’s R&D Team combines more than 60 years of system designing experience with state-of-the-art engineering and the latest in computer design and fabrication technology. Magnuson Products, Inc. is capable of developing a complete supercharger system and taking it through every facet of design, fabrication, testing and production.  The president, Jerry Magnuson, brings 30 years of supercharging experience to these ventures. He has assembled a staff of professional designers and technicians to propel supercharging into the 21st century.