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Cold Air Inductions - CAI

Forget all your preconceptions about how filter boxes and intake tubes are supposed to look and perform.  We've smashed those old and ineffective ideas, and your vehicle will never be the same!!

  • Intake tubes have Ceramic Coating inside and out (the ceramic keeps radiant heat from penetrating the ambient intake air).
  • Made of .08" aluminum, not heat adsorbing plastic.
  • Applied 3/8'' thermal insulation in the box prevents heat transfer and keeps incoming air cool.
  • Each Air Intake is TIG welded by hand
  • Clear viewing window on lid allows for easy filter inspection, lid removes for fast filter cleaning.
  • ?Every intake is designed and engineered specifically for the vehicle they are sold for, resulting in maximum performance, easy installs, and a perfect fit.


Air Filters

Keeping our standards high, we specially designed and engineered a filter that has key features that allow it to outperform any other filter on the market.  Here are just a few of the key design features that allow our filters to maximize your vehicle performance.

  • 8 layer interwoven cotton filter (industry standard is 4-6 layers)
  • Large radius base with a engineered tube stop gives air flow a smooth transition and reduces turbulence (this will allow for more accurate MAF readings which stabilize fuel trims to increase horsepower and torque)
  • Specially engineered velocity stack radius from pleat to filter base which increases air flow and eliminates turbulence
  • Filter ability to trap particles down to 5 microns
  • Aircraft quality clamps
  • Lifetime oil filter which can be recharged with a CAI Inc. recharge kit


Thermal Imaging Technology

A cold air intake system should provide your engine with more air and colder air; it is as simple as that. That is exactly why Cold Air Inductions does everything in our power to make sure we increase the airflow and keep the intake air temperature of our system as cold as possible.  To do this Cold Air Inductions Inc. utilizes many forms of technology to create Intake systems that repeatedly allow us to outperform the competition. One of the technologies that we take full advantage of during the design and development stages of our systems is the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras and data software.

By using thermal imaging cameras and thermal image data processing software we can pinpoint the spots in the engine compartment that are creating the most heat, as well as view how and where the hot air is traveling. We then use this information to decide how our system is going to be designed and engineered. By knowing where the “hot spots” are, we can make sure that our box is properly insulated to shield off these high temperatures of air that are constantly trying to raise the temperature of the air flowing through our system.

After creating a box that is insulated properly to ward off thermal energy from different areas of the engine compartment, the thermal imaging equipment allows us to pinpoint “leaks” that our system may endure during the prototype process. We can then make the necessary adjustments needed to keep all the hot air outside of the intake system.  By using the methods above as well as others, thermal imaging technology allows us to create the best cold air intake possible.

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