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Baer Brake Systems

Why you need better brakes -  Car manufactures design vehicle systems that are adequate for the average driver.  If you drive your car harder than average you will over tax the systems, especially the brakes. Precise application of braking is essential for competitive lap times, even in short events like auto cross and track-day competitions.

How do you get better brakes?  Recent developments in CAD and CNC machining capabilities allow some aftermarket companies to produce superior braking systems at affordable prices. Most of the systems are designed for easy installation by enthusiasts familiar with basic tools and their function.

Why Baer Brakes are the best choice -  For 43 years Baer Brakes has participated in every type of racing and performance activity. Thru Racing, Baer Brakes first recognized the need for improvements in brakes for street performance vehicles. Baer is the brand most recognized among serious performance vehicle owners because they work better and deliver the best performance value.

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