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ACT - Advanced Clutch Technology

Advanced Clutch Technology, INC. (ACT) is a premier performance clutch manufacturer with more than 300 differemt applications and 500 performance clutch kits. The company's product line features clutches and forged flywheels for the most popular vehicles in the sport compact, domestic and diesel truck market. ACT's performance clutches and flywheels are used for street or race, including, but not limited to drag, drift, road and rally racing.  Selecting a clutch to provide the performance, quality and feel a driver demands can be challenging in today’s market. There are lots of performance clutch options, friction materials and advertising claims to choose from. ACT has been in the Sport Compact Industry for over 10 years. ACT products are designed to compliment a vehicles’ drive train system and engine’s modifications.

A performance clutch needs to properly transfer the engines’ power into motion. For street use, a long lasting clutch that has a positive feel, smooth engagement and quiet operation is usually needed. For racing, a tough clutch that will enable quick shifts and hard slips all the way to the finish line is required. ACT offers complete clutch kits or individually sold components. ACT’s clutch kits generally include a pressure plate, disc, release bearing, and (in most cases) a pilot bearing and alignment tool. ACT has an unparalleled reputation for quality, performance, service and technology.
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